What To Do If You Have Lost Your Job and are Supposed to Pay Child Support

Do I still have to pay support if I no longer have a job?           

Your child support order does not automatically end when your source of income ends. If you are not paying, arrears (owed payments) will continue to add up until the court changes the order.

You must go to court as soon as possible to file a petition explaining the change in your circumstances and asking for a modification of the order. 

Can I reach an informal agreement with the other parent to pay less support while I am unemployed? 

The simple answer to this question is NO!  While the other parent may agree to accept less, this agreement is not legally binding and will not be upheld in court.  The other parent, or the Department of Child Support can pursue you for unpaid support at any time in the future, even years into the future when your child is an adult. DO NOT TRY TO REACH AN INFORMAL AGREEMENT TO CHANGE CHILD SUPPORT!  Make sure you have a competent attorney go to court and get a court order reducing your support. 

Can I have the order of support stopped completely?

It is very hard to convince the court to reduce child support to zero, but you will get a significant reduction and possibly no support, along with a stern warning that you should seek new employment.  You may be required to apply to a certain number of positions per month, to register with the Employee Development Department, and to provide written proof to the court of your efforts to seek new employment.

What if I get a new job that pays way less, will my support be adjusted? 

Unless the other parent can prove that you could obtain a higher paying position, which is very difficult to do, the court must consider your current income, even if it is drastically lower than what you have earned in the past.  If you can’t find employment at the same level as your prior position the Court will use your current income.  

Can you assist me with Back Due Support and child support arrears?

YES!  In many cases we have been able to help clients negotiate payments of pennies on the dollar on back-due support and arrears.  If you do nothing these arrears build up fast, the court assesses10 percent interest on arrears per year, and there is no way to discharge past-due support in bankruptcy, these arrears continue to build up.  In many cases we can help you settle past due support for a much smaller amount than what is owed.

Why is Dishon & Block the right firm to hire to help me with my child support and spousal support issues?

Our Firm Has Expertise in this Area. We will show you the totally legal techniques to lower your child support payment that your ex doesn’t want you to know about. Are you tired of being portrayed as a deadbeat just because you want to make sure your support is actually being spent on your child.

Protect your rights and stop paying unreasonable child support 

Get answers now on how to lower your child support with our system. Don’t let your friends and family tell that your situation is hopeless, and that your ex has the upper hand.

You still have a chance to improve your situation and we will take the steps needed to reduce your support. 

Contact Dishon & Block at 949-231-1305 immediately for a consultation about your case.

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